Roll Out The Red Carpet: Ardmore is here!

Gershman Partners and Deylen Realty bring Ardmore to life with Retail entrances at the peak of Mass Ave at New York & Delaware Street and Residential access off Pennsylvania Street - construction is happening now for a Grand Opening in 2020. The official Groundbreaking Ceremony (*literally on the coldest day of the year and possibly the past decade ::: Thank you to Regions Tower for allowing the ceremony to go on indoors with a perfect birds-eye view of the site!) was held on January 29, 2019 with an array of speakers, including Vop Osili, Angela Smith Jones, Mayor Joe Hogsett (also pictured & captioned below).

Pictured left to right: Vop Osili, President of the Indianapolis City-County Council Angela Smith Jones, City of Indianapolis Deputy Mayor Mayor Joe Hogsett, Indianapolis City Mayor Eric Gershman, Principal & President of Gershman Partners (son, Asher, 6 - Park Tudor was closed due to weather, so he was with us all day!) Ian Nicolini, VP of Indianapolis Economic Development - Indy Chamber Sarah Beeson, PNC Bank John Jewitt, PNC Bank *Unpictured, but to the side leading the ceremonial turning of the dirt is Deylen Realty's Craig Von Deylen, who is the President and other half of the partnership with Gershman Partners on the project. Thanks to Reid Stewart, Project Superintendent at Sheil Sexton, we could do the turning of the dirt inside with his perfect replication of what we supposed to be held outside. Also, thanks to the "polar vortex", the ceremony was held in the vacant 2nd floor of Regions Tower, which turned out to be beyond perfect.[/caption]