22nd + TALBOTT STREET: Baby's Indy

As the new owner & developer of what is currently known as the (vacant) Power Building, Gershman Partners has been given the green light by the Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission (IHPC) and The Herron-Morton Place Association, Inc. to put their plan into action alongside Trevor Belden (owner of The Ball & Biscuit on Mass Ave) and design by Blackline Studio to transform the existing building into a “family-style full-service restaurant”.

The historic building, originally constructed between 1941 – 1954 is about to get a major face lift benefiting & enhancing the Herron-Morton Place neighborhood and the City of Indianapolis.

Development includes renovation to the existing structure located at 2147 North Talbott Street, construction of an outdoor patio with enclosed pergola, fire pit, a painted exterior mural showcase the vibrancy of the Herron-Morton Place neighborhood, a new parking lot at the rear, outdoor amenities & lighting providing updated safety surrounding the lot, a children’s play area and communal bike rakes.


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Quick Facts


2145 N Talbott Street
Indianapolis, IN


4,200± Retail / Restaurant Space


Baby's Indy